Working Reel - Casting


Full Service Casting

Working Reel offers full service casting. We will find you the talent you require by helping you with your breakdown, posting on industry services and if needed, non-traditional services. By full service we mean it! We will book your casting location, schedule talent, record sessions, provide casting coaching,  provide readers, prepare forms and sides and more. All you will have to do is advise, confirm and attend as you see fit. After the casting we will negotiate with the agents and provide booking sheets. We will handle all your casting needs. 

Free (or low budget) Casting

Sometimes budget does not allow for a full casting session. Sometimes time does not allow for it either. Contact us, we have other ways to help you find the talent you need. We have a list of several hundred actors on our email service we can reach for free. We know of industry sources for access to more actors free. Also we know so many great actors we can sometime just line you up with the talent you need in a hurry. contact or call 519.342.3456 to see which services you need.

Menu of services for WRP Casting

Breakdown of Characters  -  ages, ethnicity - gender - style - personality- description.

- Story Line - we develop a brief description of the project, story and process.

- Dissemination of Breakdown - We forward and post your breakdown to and through all possible channels according to your instructions.

-Form Creation -  You will require several forms for the audition process, posting and engagement of the actor. Working Reel will create those and provide you with templates for the process.

-Audition Location -WRP will find and book a suitable location for your auditions and we will arrange the space according to your budget and needs. In most cases we include the space in our pricing.

- Scheduling - WRP will co-ordinate with all agents and actors to schedule your talent so you have appropriate time and order for casting.

- Agent Communication - WRP will communicate with agents for special needs, video submissions, head-shots & resumes, call backs, and conditions.

- Booking - WRP will discuss and negotiate rates and other terms with the agents on your behalf and within the conditions you dictate.


-Session Coaching -  During the casting session, WRP will be there to coach the actors and to give you a language for casting. WRP will go through the entire process at your side and if you choose, they will communicate to the actor for the process. If you would rather, Working Reel will get the actor in position and be there as you guide the actor.

-Camera - WRP will provide a camera and operator for your casting session.

 -Reader -  If required WRP will provide a reader to read across from the talent. This is a skill set best handled by someone who understands actors as opposed to a expressive or dramatic reader.

-Greeter - WRP will provide a greeter to meet the actors and escort them to their mark. Our person will be sure the forms are filled out and presented with resume and pictures.

-Consultation - When all is said and done you might need some guidance in choosing the right talent for the gig. WRP can offer guidance as to the agents style and negotiation tactics, reading the actors resume, understanding the abilities of the talent and ultimately how you will need to communicate with that actor on set.

In short, WRP will take you from your script to having talent on set ready to work. And then if you need help we will still be here until you are satisfied. So when you are working on your script, before you even address budgeting for cast and rates, start with Working Reel and we will let you know what you need to know. We are your casting directors.

We want to cast your production....

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