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This is a story of friendship. Two young girls, meet on the school bus and become best friends forever.... at least until addictions and fame come between them. Jessie talks the talk, prays, goes to church and becomes a famous Gospel Singer. Jenny walk the walk by caring and loving those around her... but she does not know God.

As the story unfolds, we see how life can sometimes present challenges and obstacles and how friendships can either be a source of support or a reminder of your loneliness. 

written and directed by John Snowdon and Buddy Brennan

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First performed at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener Ontario, with the following cast:

Trish Rainone as Jennifer

Magalie Rouillard-Bazinet as Jenny

Camille Connell as Jessie

Len Silvini as Tom

Lee Poichuk as Tommy

Larry Mcveigh as Earnest

Ashaya Babiuk as The Storyteller

Lorraine Harris as Jessica

John Fielding as The Waiter

Music for this show provided by Lorraine Harris. If you wish to apply for performance rights or license alternate music may be chosen.

Premiere performance Executive Producer - Michael Harris

For Working Reel Productions Inc.

Executive Producer - Buddy Brennan

Executive Producer - John Snowdon

Associate Producer - Andrea Hauwert

Associate Producer - Olivia Billeci

All rights reserved. Registered with the Writers Guild of Canada. Play is the property of John Snowdon and Buddy Brennan exclusively. Premiere Performances October 7th through 11th 2015 at the Registry Theatre in Kitchener Ontario Canada. Music and Lyrics are property of Lorraine Harris and were used with this production under permission of owner. Play and Music may be licensed separately by applying to appropriate owner without permission of other party(ies).

Fred is finally looking for real love. All he wants is the perfect woman; one who is '... kind, and gentle and loving and smart and trusting and pretty and thoughtful and generous and loyal and faithful and....'.

He is ready to settle down and has narrowed his choices to either Lydia or Farah; both have all those qualities... or at least most... well some...

The only complication is ... Maggie... she really is the perfect woman for Fred... but she is also the sister of his best friend....

"Fred" is a very witty comedy that takes comedy right to the border of farce and then lets us laugh our way back to comedy again...

One set, five actors, ready to stage and perfect for dinner theatre, community theatre and any stage waiting for laughter....
2 male, 3 female, one set, contemporary. 

                                                      .... by Buddy Brennan