Working Reel - Inventory

Working Reel can provide you with various props, set furnishing and other decor or hard to find items too. We have a warehouse filled with useful items for film sets and stage sets. And if we do not have it and you need it, we will find it for you.

Lighting  and Grip Stands -rises to 12 feet - roller stands - heavy duty. Baby and Junior fittings.

We have everything you need for your film or theatre project. Here are SOME pictures to give you an idea. There is more in our warehouse so this is just a glimpse.

500 watt fresnels - c-clamp and light stand attachments 


 1000 watt elipsoidal - c-clamp and light stand attachments 

Shotgun with boom Rhode boom pole. WRP will put together the kit you need.

Stage Microphone Stands. We also have table mount stands, and overhead mounts, and low-rider floor stands

We will assemble kits for your production.c-clamp and light stand attachments 

3 phase soft light - c-clamp and light stand attachments, also called a diva or interview light. Lowel. 

1000 watt fresnels - c-clamp and light stand attachments 

Wheelchairs for dollies

Scrims and Barn doors



H4N Zoom Recorder. High Definition Digital Recording to an SD Card 


Lavalier (Body) Microphones - Sennheiser and Shure and more...


Lighting  and Grip Stands

Light weight photo or interview stands -


watt fresnels - c-clamp and light stand attachments 

1000 to 2000

watt (two stage) open face- c-clamp and light stand attachments 

Fog / Smoke machines

Craft and Food Service Equipment and Consumables

Directors Mega-phone


Rocky Mountain Stands

Gels and diffusion - including ctb cto non-density, polarizer, colours, etc,

Strobe light and disco balls

Red and Blue Rotator lights

For more Set Decor and Props click here:  PhotoAlbumsPro/Album_mupsh5

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