Working Reel Productions- Mentoring. 

Want to Make a Film? 

Working Reel can help. If you want to make a film but don't know where to start or how to make it happen, ask us. We will guide you from the very start and help you through the entire process until you have a finished product.

Menu of Mentoring Services for film making...


Stage One: Do you have a script or an idea? We will guide you as you write a script, or engage a writer to write a script, or acquire an existing script. During this process we will examine, style, format, practicality  etc. Does the dialogue work? Is it affordable within your budget? Is it compelling? 

Stage Two: Creating a budget and lining up keys. What can you afford? Can your story be shot on this budget? Who are your key crew members or star actors? 

Stage Three: Where and when? Simply put, what are your locations. Can we create a timeline for all steps?

Stage Four: We will guide you through all legal, accounting and production paperwork. We always advise you connect with an entertainment lawyer and we have names you can call if you choose. We will also guide you with release forms.

Pre- Production: 

This is where you get a green-light and move into the early stages of film making. We will shepherd you through casting, budgeting, engaging crew, firming locations, shot lists or story-boarding, rehearsing, and other planning. You will line up equipment (WRP has most of what you need) and have everything ready before production. 

Working Reel will help you to create call sheets, release forms, schedules etc.


Shoot your film. By now you will have your crew, story-board, locations, etc all lined up and it is time to get on set and make your movie.

Post- Production: 

So you have your footage, most of your audio and it is time for the edit suites. Learn to cut as a director, and as a producer, cuts a film. Get your effects, folly, music, credits, and titles laid in  and a box-top cover ready to go.


So you have a film. What are you going to do with it? Sell it? Screen it? Send it to festivals? We will offer some advice and guidance so you can exploit your film for your best interest.


Working Reel only guides and mentors you. This is your film and your project. All decisions are yours and all creative choices are yours. We are here to support you and get you your vision. We will advise as you request and you will benefit from our education and experience.

We can help with casting but you must make the choice, we can provide you with some ideas for a shot list but you must tell the story. We can inform you about cutting but you must tell the editor where to cut. The film is yours fully and completely and you own it. If you sell it, the money is yours. if you win an award at a festival that award is a reflection of your vision. We just help. 

We charge for this service but almost always our fees are more than off-set by the money we save you through our assets and through our connections. Call for a quote and come in to talk about becoming a director, writer or producer.


Working Reel wants you to think of us when you think of .... film, video, theatre, (theater) commercials, industrials, auditions, actors, casting, crew, production mentoring, classes, improv, dinner theatre, movie making, producers, directors, cinematographers, equipment, studio,writers, scripting, editing, post-production, and much, much more...

Coaching for a presentation, speech, interview, or public speaking ....

Working Reel can help. Lower on this  page you will find our menu of services for one on one coaching for those tough, important moments when your skills as an orator matter most. Scroll to the bottom of this page.

Coaching for a presentation, speech, interview...

Job Interview? This is designed to allow an auditor to see who you are and what you know. Although we cannot control the answers to those questions, we can help you to present yourself in a professional, comfortable manner. Working Reel will give you practical steps  and knowledge, so that once in the interview, you are equipped with the skills to manage the interview.

Are you nervous, anxious or absolutely frozen at the thought of public speaking?
There are specific skills and process that you can learn to approach a public address or speech so that your nervousness and natural apprehension do not overwhelm you. Some presentation skills will enable your message to be more clearly understood simply by the way you present your ideas.

Is it time for a presentation for sales or information? Let us provide you with skills which will enable you to communicate as effectively as possible. Allow us to provide you with practical information which will allow you to manage your nervousness and which will enable you to present as professionally as you are able.