Working Reel - About Us

Our starting days..

Incorporated in 2005, Working Reel was designed to offer full services for film, theatre, video and new media. A keen dedication to creating images that are compelling to watch governs every decision we make. We started with a passion for story telling and it still burns within us. We always try to keep a balance of activities in each medium; film, video, and theatre. It will not be long before we reach the ten year mark and we still hold true to the vision and values with which we started. 

Where are we going....?

Ultimately Working Reel will have five verticals that will form the foundation of our growth; film production, theatre production, video production, casting, training.  Although independent in many ways, each is complimentary to the other; film and theatre, for example, will each offer equipment rental or casting and classes will also offer on set coaching. We love all aspects of what we do so as we grow we will develop each vertical to service you better and more effectively.


Working Reel has also acquired the rights to screenplays which we will see developed and produced for the general market. We have had great success optioning projects and we hope to continue that sales process.

Where are we ... literally... where are we ....?

Working Reel has an office and warehouse in Cambridge Ontario. This has space for studio rehearsals, storage, workshop, and offices. 




If you are coming by, bring a coffee, large, black.....


What do they say about us ....?

I first met Buddy in 1999, when he was Artistic Director of the Queen Elizabeth Dinner Theatre in Aurora, ON.  He directed me in two consecutive plays that year and I found that his skill and knowledge of theatre and the craft of acting were not only priceless then, but helped me throughout my performing career. 


Over the years, Buddy and I have shared many experiences in the entertainment business.  It's been my pleasure to work on his crew several times during filming of videos, short films, as well as other theatrical endeavours.  In every circumstance, I've observed an always prepared, always professional, always knowledgeable director and coach.  The proof in this, is the eagerness of previous actors and crew to be involved in subsequent projects. 


Buddy Brennan and Working Reel Productions are, in my opinion, the go-to people when you need an entertainment related project done to perfection.  None finer!

Brad L

Toronto / Cambridge

I have always been interested in acting and because of nerves and fear, never took a step towards exploring the field. I contacted Working Reel after reading about them, to see if they offered something for someone like me who has no experience but would like to giving acting a try.  Right away, they set up a meeting for me to speak to the President of Working Reel, Buddy Brennan to talk about best options for me.

From the first meeting, Buddy put me at ease and helped me realize that if acting is something I really wanted to pursue, I could. He provided me with a wealth of information on how to get started and truly understands the ins and outs of the industry.

I signed up for acting classes with Working Reel right after my fantastic meeting with Buddy. In 7 weeks, I went from being extremely nervous in front of a crowd, to confidently performing monologues in front of a class.

Buddy truly cares about each person in his class and wants them to succeed. He provides a magnitude of applicable theory and practicum that is beneficial for beginners like me, to more seasoned actors wanting to refine their skills. 

I would highly recommend Working Reel to anybody and will surely be going back for future classes myself.

Dana C.
Kitchener / Waterloo