Working Reel Productions Inc. - For Writers


Screenplay writers....

If you have penned a screenplay but have no idea where to send it or what to do with it contact Working Reel.

Here are some services we offer....

a) We inform you on how to best protect your work. (Before we read it, it must be protected).

b) Often you need to re-work the script to get it ready for submissions, we have several services to help you improve and prepare your work.

c) Sometimes you just need guidance such as where and how to submit the work. WRP can guide that too.

d) If you are just looking for reputable writers agents, we can provide you with a list of Canadian and American agents who represent writers.

d) Possibly you need to make a trailer to submit with your script, we can help.

e) Maybe you want to get it produced, lets talk about your options.

Manuscript Writers and Authors ....

Writing a book is a huge accomplishment and you should be congratulated. If that is all you need contact us and we will congratulate you. Honestly it is truly something you should be proud of doing.

And if you now have some other questions, maybe WRP can offer you some support.

a) Have you had the work edited? We have access to professional editors.

b) Are you interested in turning your work into an audio book to get more sales? We do that in-house with professional voice actors, experienced sound editors and directors who work with performers to get the best possible results for you.

c ) Have you examined self-publishing? WRP can give you considerable information on the self-publishing choice and we will put you in touch with people who have experienced that choice first hand.

d) Do you need help with promotion of your written work? Why not sit and talk about creative ways of getting people to read your work, buy your work, publish your work, enjoy your work?

A Bit more about Audio Books....

It is becoming more and more important to get an audio-book on the shelves when you write. It is sometimes a companion piece to the written work and sometimes it is stand alone. Audio books sometimes can outsell the printed work and sometime the audio-book is the driver to getting published.

For a publisher, the writers submit and the pile of paper is high or the emails are too many to get to in a day. An audio book is the one they take with them in the car, or play in the background as they relax. The Audio-book might be the only way of getting to the top of the pile. Another tool in your box of tools to help the process.

Working Reel is an expert in working with actors and recording. We are the "go to professionals" in this area for expertise in performance. When you engage us to create and audio-book for your written work, we will treat it like a movie or stage, play.

 - We audition actors to find the right voice or voices.
 - We explore the most creative approach and format to bringing your words to life.
 - We Rehearse! We have the actors go over the words, break them down, find the intonation and inflection, create the right beats, pace, rhythm, mood, and style.
 - We produce your work with expertise and professionalism.
 - We take your work from the page to the stage with passion and integrity.

Now everyone wants to know what it costs.... Well that depends on your book. How many words, pages, characters, etc... all factor in. Do we need specialty music or new music? Everything is a factor so we need to talk and learn before we quote.

When you meet with us, bring some information with you.

a) how many words in the manuscript?
b) how many characters?
c) do you want a straight narration or a dramatic read?
d) what else do you need from us?

In short, lets talk.